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Smart Boxes

When Storage Furniture becomes a Toy in itself


LEGO drawer box is made to ensure easy and safer access and to toys.
Instead of lifting boxes to get access to the lowest in the pile, you may
ow let the storage boxes stay in the pile and pull out the drawers.

The LEGO Brick Drawer is a fun storage box with drawers for toys, LEGO bricks,
office utensils and other small items. Alternatively, use it in the nursery to store the
baby’s diapers, bibs, blankets and lotions.The box can be placed on a desk, a shelf
or on the floor and is designedto fit with the LEGO Storage Brick System.

Decorate, play, form and have fun with the drawers while using them for storage.

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80.000 boxes ordered from all over the world during the first month after launch!

Smart Boxes

Designing for the World's leading toy brand

Working with license products for a strong global brand like LEGO requires an
extremely deep understanding of the brand’s dna in order to create added value for the customer.

The LEGO Smart Boxes set represents the LEGO brand’s core values – safety, quality and playfulness – and helps increasing brand awareness.

Safety, Quality and Playfulness


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